Revenue Cycle Operations

The effectiveness of a hospital’s revenue cycle is critical to its ability to meet the needs of the community and ensure ongoing financial viability.

Stroudwater Revenue Cycle Solutions has developed a series of analytics aimed at improving all aspects of your revenue cycle. Our goal is to provide training, education and resources that result in foundational improvement.

Your revenue cycle is only as good as the expectations that you place upon it.

  • What are your expectations?
  • How do you measure the efficacy of your revenue cycle operations?
  • What are your quality expectations?
  • Do you employ a data-driven report structure to feed timely information to your revenue cycle teams?
  • Do you audit your process?

Best practice revenue cycles are team-based, data-driven and result from departmentally controlled revenue cycle meetings. Our system focuses on leveraging current staff and process strengths while identifying and resolving systematic weaknesses.

Our consultants spend the necessary time with your team to teach them to be self-reliant. Participants have access to subject matter experts and best practice training to ensure that their individual needs are met. We also work with your administration team to set expectations and create a process to systematically improve operations and sustain results.

Contact us to discuss how Stroudwater Revenue Cycle Solutions can assist your organization to get the results you deserve.

We want to be your revenue cycle resource.

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