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The combination of ICD-10 implementation, regulatory changes, and complicated billing guidelines places tremendous pressure on physician practices. These forces, in conjunction with patient mobility, place a premium on effective practice management.

Stroudwater Revenue Cycle Solutions has a history of working with physician practices of every size and specialty. Whether the practice is independent or aligned with a hospital, Stroudwater has developed a series of analytics to enhance administrative effectiveness, improve revenue capture and increase patient satisfaction. We focus on implementing a high quality, data-driven revenue cycle that allows for effective practice management. Our consultants have experience in all levels of physician practice management: scheduling, patient flow, support staff, documentation, billing, follow up and customer service. Our goal is to implement best practices across the spectrum to ensure consistent results.

Over the past several years, Stroudwater has increasingly focused on assisting Rural Health Clinics to navigate the balance between their Medicare responsibilities and commercial payor base. Many administrators have questions surrounding regulatory guidelines, billing regulations and patient communication. To address these concerns, Stroudwater has led initiatives to educate staff on RHC guidelines and created educational manuals which detail RHC participation, revenue capture and billing guidelines.

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