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Your business office means the difference between success and failure, between write off and successful appeal, and between accurate payment and credit balance. Patients have high expectations for BO staff. What are your expectations? A successful revenue cycle depends on a proactive, contributory business office. Your business office should be a competitive advantage for your organization.

  • How do you view your business office?
  • How do you judge the efficacy and accuracy of information that your business office provides?
  • Is your business office a contributor to the revenue cycle or is it outside the revenue cycle?
  • Do you have a formal, report-based denial management program?

Stroudwater Revenue Cycle Solutions has developed a system to quickly and completely evaluate, train and educate your business office. Our system develops foundational elements to ensure that your business office is opportunistic, proactive and effective. We focus on education, resource provision and desktop management. We assist you in the development and implementation of a comprehensive policy and procedure manual that guides and governs all activity within the business office. We work with you to set appropriate expectations for BO staff and to provide the roadmap for them to exceed your expectations.

Our clients lower claim costs, increase productivity and implement a report-based, data driven revenue cycle.

Contact us to see how we can help your business office succeed today.

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