Effective Revenue Control – Incorporating front end process, billing process, and CDM: 60 min

Incomplete, inefficient or inconsistent revenue cycle processes consume time, effort and expenses without corresponding gains. The Revenue Cycle often overlooks many roadblocks to overall charge capture and reimbursement. Effective revenue control seeks to utilize back end processes such as chargemaster maintenance and business office practices working in conjunction with front end processes to enhance revenue capture and compliance. An effective process demands a clear mission, clear expectations and teamwork throughout all departments in the revenue stream. This presentation examines obstacles to revenue capture that are commonly overlooked, and offers tools to improve the Revenue Cycle through better understanding, clearer guidelines and improved communication. Total revenue flow from servicing departments to cash posting is examined. Proven reporting and auditing tools are provided.

Process Audits – Ensuring the highest level of consistency accuracy and compliance: 60 min

Is your revenue cycle reactive or proactive? Do you know that the results achieved are appropriate? Do they maximize revenue and reimbursement while mitigating compliance concerns? Most facilities are reactive. They do not have the infrastructure or expectation necessary to anticipate outcomes and examine past successes or failures. The only way to confidently know where we are going is to have a complete understanding of where we have been. Every facility must have an administration supported audit process to ensure that all aspects of the revenue cycle are working as intended. Participants receive specific steps, policies and processes designed to garner control of processes. Detail is provided on where to start, how to ensure participation and proper placement within the facility’s compliance program.