Hospitals that are disciplined about the basics of revenue recognition, RAC

preparedness, denial management programs, and simple, transparent business
office policies and procedures will meet internal and external challenges more
easily and more intelligently. Effective revenue cycle management is a tool to
measure performance, identify trends and note areas of weakness, in addition to
being a hospital’s lifeblood.

Our focused departmental reviews have been successfully used by a large number
of hospitals as the framework for the development of a financial performance
improvement plan, to maximize gross revenue and net reimbursement as well
as to ensure a compliant billing process. We facilitate the implementation of
improvements to process with the goal of increasing gross and net reimbursement
while mitigating compliance concerns. We provide specific direction, training,
and follow-up to guarantee the successful implementation of findings.

We involve all levels of an organization. We set specific measurable goals and
expectations with administration, meet with individual departmental leadership,
understand the operational parameters and develop solutions that engender the
organization’s culture and philosophy. Our goal is to establish ownership at the
departmental level and provide the resources necessary for self-sustained success.

• Comprehensive Chargemaster and Revenue Cycle Review
• Business Office and Patient Financial Services: Training and Development
• Development of Training Protocols for Revenue Capture
• Implementation of an Effective Revenue Control Process
• Pricing Analysis
• RAC Preparedness and Revenue Cycle Process Improvement
• Revenue Process Capture Audits